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Cataracts develop slowly over time and can affect your ability to see clearly. Whether you have had cataracts for a long time, or if you’re just starting to experience the symptoms, we are here to help.

Please book an appointment with us today, so we can help you manage and mitigate your symptoms. We treat cataracts in Downtown Silver Spring, Silver Spring, and Hyattsville.





Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects the crystalline lens of your eye. As you age, your crystalline lens slowly becomes rigid and cloudy. They are so common that over 25 million Americans have some degree of cataracts.

Cataract Symptoms

When you have cataracts, you may experience:

  • Poor night vision.
  • Clouded, blurry, or dim vision.
  • Light and glare sensitivity.
  • Possible double vision.
  • Colors fading or yellowing.
  • Halos around sources of light.
  • Difficulty reading.




For mild to moderate cases of cataracts, your eye doctor may recommend glasses or contacts to help manage your symptoms. However, depending on your symptoms, the severity of your cataracts, and their impact on your daily activities, you could be a candidate for cataract surgery.

What Is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is an operation performed by your ophthalmologist to remove your cataractous lens.

The surgery is quite quick, with most operations taking under 30 minutes to complete. In most cases you will be awake for the procedure. Your eye doctor will give your eyes some numbing drops to help keep you comfortable. Your eyes will be held open using a lid speculum to keep you from blinking.

During the operation, an ophthalmologist will make a small incision in the eye, then use ultrasound technology to break up the natural crystalline lens. It is extracted using a phacoemulsifier and an artificial intraocular lens with your desired prescription replaces the crystalline lens, restoring your vision.

Post-Op Care

Following the surgery, your eye care team will book a series of follow-up appointments to make sure your eyes are healing correctly. You will not be able to drive immediately after the surgery, so please make sure you have made transportation plans.

Some common side effects of the healing process you may experience during the healing process can include dry eyes, irritation, and light sensitivity. If you believe these effects are lasting longer than expected, or are causing your serious discomfort, contact your eye care team immediately.




If you have cataracts, please give our team a call. We can schedule you for cataract surgery to restore your vision.




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