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Sports Vision Enhancement

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If you’re looking for a competitive edge, sports vision enhancement can improve your eye tracking, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, and many other aspects of your vision. At Maryland Eye Care Center in Silver Spring, Downtown Silver Spring, and Hyattsville, Maryland, the team of eye care experts is ready to help you boost your performance, or simply improve your everyday life. Book your appointment by phone or online today.

Sports Vision Enhancement Q & A

What is sports vision enhancement?

Sports vision enhancement is a nonsurgical treatment plan that improves your visual skills through customized eye exercises. Peak vision plays a big role in athletic performance, and the Maryland Eye Care Center team can help you master the best visual skills. 

Through your sports vision enhancement exercises at Maryland Eye Care Center, you can sharpen every aspect of your vision so you can excel in sports and in life.

How does sports vision enhancement improve performance?

Sports vision enhancement can dramatically boost your athletic performance in many ways, including: 

  • Dynamic visual acuity: viewing objects in motion
  • Visual reaction time: responding to actions and events
  • Depth perception: judging length, depth, and width
  • Visual concentration: focusing and ignoring visual distractions
  • Tracking: following objects visually
  • Eye-hand coordination: reacting to visual signals when they happen
  • Visual memory: awareness of your physical position, and that of others
  • Focus flexibility: changing visual focus between near and far objects as needed
  • Peripheral vision: side vision

The eye care specialists personalize your exercises to enhance the areas you're most concerned about for maximum results. 

Do I still need glasses and contacts with sports vision enhancement?

If you have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism, you still need glasses and contacts to maximize your vision. Sports vision enhancement works hand-in-hand with glasses and contacts to help you perform at your peak. 

The Maryland Eye Care Center team may also recommend specialty lenses, like anti-reflective lenses, that adapt to competitive conditions. Some special lenses, like UV blocking lenses, can even protect your eyes and help you avoid environmental damage like pterygium.

Is sports vision enhancement similar to vision therapy?

They’re two different forms of therapy. Vision therapy treats visual processing problems that lead to difficulty in school or other disruptions. It can help with lazy eye and crossed eyes. 

Sports vision enhancement isn’t necessarily about treating a problem but focuses more on giving you peak visual skills so you can achieve new heights in athletics. 

Ready to take your game to the next level? Call Maryland Eye Care Center or click the online booking tool to arrange your sports vision enhancement consultation.

"We offer eye exams and treatment for cataracts. Call us to book your appointment today."

We offer eye exams and treatment for cataracts.

Call us to book your appointment today.