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Smooth out expression lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet

If aesthetic concerns like age-related frown lines or brow lines seem to give away your age or make you feel self-conscious, Botox® may be just the solution you need.

With the help of the team at Alora LifeSpa, part of Maryland Eye Care Center, located in Hyattsville Maryland, you can quickly reverse many of the visible effects of aging. Book your Botox consultation by calling our practice today or requesting one online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does botox work?

Botox, often called a “neuromodulator,” minimizes muscle activity. It simply intercepts signals that go to and from your brain that cause muscle twitching. Once Botox is injected, muscles are forced to relax.

The reason this is so beneficial from an anti-aging standpoint is that you lose that cushioning layer of fat as you age. Your muscles wind up working closer to the surface of your skin, causing more dramatic folding with each facial expression.

On top of this, collagen, which tightens your skin, breaks down and just doesn’t build up as quickly. So those grooves and wrinkles wind up sticking around — for good.

Because Botox stops muscle activity in targeted muscles, all those imperfections melt away as your skin and muscles can now relax. You can still make your regular facial expressions since surrounding muscles aren’t affected, so all you’re left with is smoother, younger-looking skin.

What can botox treat?

The team at Alora LifeSpa, part of Maryland Eye Care Center, tailors your Botox service to your unique facial concerns and desired outcomes. This FDA-approved injectable is backed by decades of clinical research and has been proven to be effective at:

  • Softening forehead wrinkles
  • Erasing crow's feet
  • Minimizing frown lines*

If you’re worried about other imperfections, such as grooves around your mouth (nasolabial folds), you can pair your Botox service with dermal filler injections. This way, you can experience a well-rounded anti-aging injectable treatment that’s entirely long-lasting.

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What eye conditions are treated with Botox injections?

Botox is also used to treat a number of movement disorders. Some of the eye conditions that can be treated with Botox include:

Cranial dystonia

Cranial dystonia affects the muscles in the eyelid and forehead, which may lead to uncontrolled blinking.


Blepharospasm also affects the movement of the eyelid, causing involuntary closure and frequent blinking.

Apraxia of eyelid opening

Apraxia of eyelid opening refers to the inability to voluntarily raise the eyelid without any diagnosed paralysis or contracture.


Strabismus is an eye condition in which the eyes aren’t aligned. One eye may look straight, while the other eye looks inward, outward, up, or down.

Facial nerve synkinesis

Facial nerve synkinesis causes involuntary facial muscle movement when trying to voluntarily move other facial muscles. The condition occurs when nerves regenerate in the wrong place, most often following facial palsy. Facial nerve synkinesis can lead to facial deformities, twitching, and/or uncontrolled eyelid movement.

In addition to movement disorders, Botox injections have also been effective at reducing migraine headaches in those who suffer from chronic migraines (migraines that occur 15 or more times a month).

Are Botox injections painful?

Pain isn’t something you should worry about when it comes to getting Botox injections. Our team specializes in gentle injection techniques with a very small needle, so aside from a little pinch, you shouldn’t feel any serious discomfort.

If needles make you squeamish or anxious, your Alora LifeSpa and Maryland Eye Care Center team may apply a numbing solution to the treatment area. Applying an ice pack ahead of time can also reduce the pricking sensation caused by the needle.

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Benefits of Botox Injections


Remove wrinkles and frown lines without surgery


Simple in - office procedure performed by our board - certified doctor


Lunchtime appointments take only minutes


Results noticeable within several hours

Botox Before And After Gallery*

Before&After Picture of Botox
Before&After Picture of Botox
Before&After Picture of Botox
Before&After Picture of Botox

*Results may vary

Treatment you can trust

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an established brand that delivers consistent results.

In a survey, people treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic say it:

  • Is a brand they trust
  • Produces predictable results
  • Provides subtle results

When surveyed, 62% of respondents say treatment is worth the investment. In fact, BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only treatment of its kind evaluated by the FDA for safety and efficacy in three treatment areas, as well as for patient satisfaction in frown lines and forehead lines in adults.

Want to know more? Call our practice today to see if you are a good candidate!

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