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Booking a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to detect problems, manage issues, and mitigate eye damage or vision loss. At Maryland Eye Care Center in Silver Spring, Downtown Silver Spring, and Hyattsville, Maryland, the caring team of expert providers makes regular eye care easy and accessible. Children, adults, and seniors are all welcome. The team also offers specialty exams for diabetics and emergency eye care. Call the office in your area or book your comprehensive exam online.

Eye Exam Q & A

What does a comprehensive eye exam include?

Maryland Eye Care Center personalizes eye exams for patients based on age and health. A comprehensive eye exam generally includes an overall eye health evaluation focusing on structure and function. 

During your comprehensive eye exam, the team checks for eye diseases, including early signs of slow-growing conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. Early detection can make a big difference in maintaining your vision and eye health. 

Additionally, the team checks your prescription and issues a new glasses and contact lenses prescription if needed. The on-site optician can fit you or your child with new lenses right away.

The Maryland Eye Care Center team always puts patient comfort first. Children's eye exams are quick and easy, with an emphasis on helping your child feel calm and comfortable. Adult eye exams are stress-free, comfortable, and easy. 

How often should I have a comprehensive eye exam?

Comprehensive eye exam frequency can vary with age and health needs. Maryland Eye Care Center typically recommends the following schedules.

Children's eye exams

Newborns need an eye exam at the time of birth. Then, children need eye exams at 12 months and 3 years old. These early exams alert you to problems like amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes) so your child can start vision therapy and avoid long-term issues. 

Children need another eye exam at age 5, before starting school, then annual exams after that. These regular eye exams are key to your child's success in school and life.

Adult eye exams

Most adults need comprehensive eye exams at least every two years, but the team may recommend yearly exams to help you maintain optimal eye health and vision. 

Senior eye exams

As a senior, you're more susceptible to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and resulting problems like blurry vision. Annual eye exams are the best way to find issues early and mitigate eye damage.

Diabetic eye exams

If you have diabetes, you're vulnerable to eye diseases like diabetic macular edema and diabetic retinopathy. You typically need annual eye exams, but if you already have significant eye damage from diabetic retinopathy or another eye disease, you might need to come in more often. 

Maryland Eye Care Center recommends a comprehensive exam schedule for your personal needs. 

What if I have a problem between eye exams?

If you have a problem between your regular eye exams, don’t hesitate to let the Maryland Eye Care Center team know right away. They always make time for emergency eye care, and they fit you into the schedule as quickly as possible. 

For comprehensive eye care at every age and stage of life, call Maryland Eye Care Center or use online booking today.

"We offer eye exams and treatment for cataracts. Call us to book your appointment today."

We offer eye exams and treatment for cataracts.

Call us to book your appointment today.