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What Is Sports Vision Training?

What Is Sports Vision Training?

If you’re an athlete, you know the importance of training. You lift weights, cross-train, condition, and refuel with all the right foods. Consider adding sports vision training to that lineup. 

Sports vision training, or sports vision enhancement, encompasses exercises designed for your eyes. These exercises boost the visual skills you need to track a ball, monitor an opponent in your peripheral vision, or gauge distance.

Our expert providers here at Maryland Eye Care Center offer this service in our Silver Spring and Hyattsville, Maryland, locations. 

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s sports vision training?

Sports vision training is a specialized program to improve the visual and processing skills crucial for athletic performance. It goes beyond standard eye care by honing visual functions such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, tracking, and peripheral awareness.

What skills can sports vision training improve?

Sports vision training incorporates exercises and drills to enhance specific visual skills, including: 

Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination helps athletes perform precise, controlled movements. If you play ball sports 一 baseball, tennis, basketball 一 you constantly use hand-eye coordination. 

Baseball and softball players use hand-eye coordination to throw, hit, or catch balls. Volleyball players need it to serve and volley, and basketball players to shoot and dribble. 

Combat sports like boxing and martial arts require good hand-eye coordination for precise striking and defense. 

Regardless of your sport, sports vision training strengthens your hand-eye coordination. 

Depth perception

Depth perception helps you know how big and far away objects are. Understandably, this skill is invaluable for spatial awareness, judging the position of a ball or an opponent, and making split-second decisions.

Sports vision training can help improve your depth perception.

Peripheral vision

Your peripheral vision enables you to see outside your central line of vision. This visual skill helps you identify opponents (or flying balls) next to you without turning your head. 

Other skills that can benefit from sports vision training include dynamic visual acuity, visual concentration, eye tracking, visual memory, visual reaction time, and focus flexibility. 

How sports vision training works

Sports vision training consists of eye-tracking exercises, visual reaction drills, and other activities that improve dynamic visual acuity to help you perform your best.

Examples of exercises include:

Your Maryland Eye Care Center provider recommends exercises based on your current eye health and the sport you play. 

If you want to take your sports performance to the next level, check out what sports vision training can do for you. To get started, call the location nearest you or request a sports vision enhancement consultation online today.

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