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Tips for Relieving Spring Eye Allergies

Spring is here, and the warmer weather and blossoming foliage are tempting you to get outside. Unfortunately, spring allergies can wreak havoc on your eyes and cause miserable symptoms.

At Maryland Eye Care Center, our team of experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists understands eye allergies and how to provide relief. We have some simple tips that you can practice on your own to help you avoid the dread of spring allergies.

Let’s first look at what spring eye allergies might look like.

Symptoms of spring eye allergies

The seasonal changes that spring brings can provoke a reaction in your eyes, causing them to:

Spring allergies can even cause Inflammation in your eyelids. 

Causes of spring eye allergies

When your eyes overreact to an allergen, or trigger, your immune system goes into action to defend your body. It produces antibodies that cause you to release histamine from your eyes, and that leads to your allergy symptoms.

Understanding what causes your spring eye allergies is the first step to managing your symptoms. The most likely culprit is pollen.

If you’re allergic to pollen that comes from trees, grass, and weeds, your eyes can experience one, several, or all of the symptoms listed above. We can recommend self-help remedies that can ease your discomfort.

How to reduce your spring eye allergy triggers

When you limit your exposure to triggers like pollen, you can reduce your symptoms or avoid them altogether. To combat the onset of symptoms at home, try the following:

These simple strategies can keep your spring eye allergies under control. The goal is to stay ahead of your symptoms.

If you struggle to manage your symptoms on your own, schedule an appointment with our team for a comprehensive eye exam. We can prescribe eye drops or medications to give you the relief you need. We work together with you to find the right solution.

Maryland Eye Care Center has locations in Silver Spring and Hyattsville, Maryland. To schedule an appointment with one of our experts, call the location nearest you or book a consultation using our online booking tool.

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Tips on How to Relieve Spring Eye Allergies

Spring allergies notoriously cause itchy and watery eyes, redness, swelling, eye fatigue, and dryness. Although eye allergies are common, they’re no less annoying. Read on for tips on how to relieve spring eye allergies.